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Menstrual Health

Menses. Periods. That time of the month.


It may be called many names, but the female menstrual cycle is something we all have to deal with. That however is often where the similarities end, with women varying in cycle length, flow and pre-menstrual symptoms. 

Some pain around menstruation is common and normal. When it starts to interfere with your daily life, it's time to ask for help to get it sorted. 


Ever been told you cry at the drop of a hat or are emotionally volatile? This exhausting symptom can be evident anywhere from a few days to two weeks before your period. That’s half a month! While most women are conditioned to think it’s something you have to put up with, it’s not. 

This endocrine disorder can cause irregular periods, infertility, weight gain and hair growth – all due to a hormonal imbalance that causes small cysts to occur in the ovaries. Lets restore your natural cycle by regulating ovarian function and rebalancing your hormones.


This common condition affects many women, often causing pain and impacting fertility. PCOS is a metabolic syndrome, affecting not only your hormones but your insulin and therefore can impact peoples ability to loose weight as well as impacting therir ability to conceive.


This common condition affects many woman, often causing pain and impacting fertility. in western medicine, standard procedure is often surgery, however Chinese medicine prefers the less invasive approach, addressing the root cause, whether for pain relief or to increase fertility. Learn more about endometriosis here.




As if females didn’t go through enough after a lifetime of periods and pregnancies. While the cessation of menstruation is a natural occurrence, the severity of symptoms in women can vary considerably. Hot flushes, mood swings and insomnia are all common menopausal symptoms. Tempe looks at these symptoms in terms of rebalancing the hormonal system, building yin and blood in chinese medicine and clearing deficient heat.

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