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How to work with your cycle

Do you feel like you are at the mercy of your hormones? Do you not understand why one minute you feel like you could take on the world and the next you just want to curl up in bed forever? Or are you beating yourself up for not being able to control the carb cravings before your period?


Hormones are a baffling part of being human but especially confusing in their constant fluctuating state for girls and women. Luckily through education and understanding we can learn to master the hormonal highs and minimise the lows to make sure you feel confident and healthy no matter your cycle day.


I’m Dr Tempe Simmons and I’ve been a practicing fertility acupuncturist and herbalist for over 15 years. Through my clinical practice I’ve found that a lot of women simply don’t understand their cycles and how each phase is crucial and unique to overall health. I believe we all should have been taught how to work with our hormones instead of against them to create balanced, thriving women. I want to pass along all I’ve learnt to help women master their hormones. 


What you'll learn from this eGuide:

20 page digital download eGuide covering the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle broken down into 


◦ What's going on hormonally 

◦ How you might feel 

◦ What's happening through a Chinese Medicine lens

◦ Things to do during this phase

◦ Things not to do during this phase 

A MENSTRUAL PHASE GUIDE. How to work with your cycle

  • There is a no refund policy with this digital eGuide

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