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Traditional Chinese medicine has a range of therapies that, when combined, help treat a range of conditions and injuries. Generally all consultations will involve an acupuncture treatment, but your practitioner is experienced in a range of services and will work with you to provide a unique treatment solution.



A safe, effective, drug-free treatment; acupuncture is the most commonly known traditional Chinese medicine therapy in western society. It uses fine, disposable, sterilised needles to access specific points throughout the body to stimulate natural movement and energy flow. By interacting with these points, acupuncture helps clear blockages in each of the body’s twelve channels; each relating to specific organs and systems, as well as the areas that they run through.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is prescribed according to a patient’s specific needs, working on its own or in conjunction with acupuncture. Herbal medicine is heavily regulated and designed to address specific complaints, as well as prevent disease and restore immune system health.



Cupping uses glass or plastic cups to create a vacuum over problem areas, typically on the back. It’s designed to release muscle tightness, toxins and congestion to treat symptoms of aches and pains associated with muscular imbalance, viruses and the flu.

hands using incense to light moxa cones on the back


Moxibustion is a heat-generated therapy designed to warm the body’s channels and promote energy flow and blood circulation, assisting in the body’s natural healing process. Made from dried mugwort leaves, Moxa comes in various forms, and works in a similar way to Acupuncture by stimulating specific points in the body. It’s effective in treating scars and pain, and is the primary treatment for breach presentation of babies.


Gua Sha

Resembling a deep massage, Gua Sha is a surface treatment designed to stimulate the skin using an implement typically made of jade. It improves circulation, releases tension and encourages the flow of stagnant energy and bodily fluids. Gua Sha’s ability to enhance metabolic function makes it an ideal treatment option for viral infections and muscular skeletal conditions, amongst others.

Electro Acupuncture

Designed to elicit a stronger response than traditional acupuncture, Electro acupuncture uses a small electrical pulse to provide additional stimulation to the needles. The sensation is a pleasant and gentle vibration that is particularly good for muscular skeletal conditions, helping to relax muscles and relieve pain.

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